Producer Slammed For Goddess Poster, Says “I’ve Nothing To Lose”

The banner showed a lady wearing an ensemble depicting the Goddess and smoking. A banner of the LGBT people group is found behind the scenes.

New Delhi: A banner for a narrative by movie producer Leena Manimekalai has serious areas of strength for started via virtual entertainment over the manner in which it shows Goddess Kali. The movie producer has been blamed in a police objection for harming strict feelings.

Leena Manimekalai, who was brought into the world in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai and is situated in Toronto, had shared the banner of her film on Saturday. The banner shows a lady dressed like Goddess Kali and smoking. A banner of the LGBT people group is found behind the scenes.

In an objection to the Delhi Police and the Home Ministry, Ajay Gautam, who heads the “Gau Mahasabha”, has required a FIR against the movie producer and a restriction on the film.

“I should go for broke. I need to be with a voice that talks unafraid of anything until it is. Assuming the cost is my life, I will give it,” Leena Manimekalai tweeted in light of assaults via web-based entertainment.

The film was essential for the “Rhythms of Cananda” portion at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, as per a tweet by the producer.

“Very excited to share the send off of my new film – today at @AgaKhanMuseum as a feature of its ‘Rhythms of Canada’. Feeling siphoned with my CREW,” Leena tweeted.

As clients pummeled the banner, the hashtag #ArrestLeenaManimekal moved on Twitter. Many requested severe activity against the movie producer and required the banner to be dropped.

“This should not go on without serious consequences on the name of opportunity of articulation,” said one post.

“Kindly make a move, this is disparaging Hindu divine beings,” another post said.

“Presently for what reason is the Supreme Court not seeing anything, why this twofold norm?,” a Twitter client inquired.

In the backfire, Leena Manimekalai limited remarks on her Instagram account.


“The film rotates around the occasions that occur one night when Kali shows up and walks the roads of Toronto. Assuming you see the image, don’t put the hashtag ‘capture Leena manimekalai’ however put the hashtag ‘love you Leena manimekalai’,” she wrote in Tamil on Twitter.

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