Sara Ali Khan’s Food Diaries From London Will Leave You Drooling

Sara Ali Khan offered us her food journals from London and its everything delightful. She ate this!


Sara Ali Khan is as of now in London on vacationHer tasty food journals have left us droolingTake a gander at what the entertainer posted on Instagram

Sara Ali Khan has been keeping us stuck to her London journals. What’s more, seems to be a significant piece of her undertakings spins around food. Indeed, taking into account the foodie she is, we aren’t even amazed about it. We thoroughly revere her for being so vocal about her affection for food. The entertainer has shared several food snaps on Instagram Stories and made us hungry.

The first highlighted her plate of flavorful caramelized bananas. We could see banana balls covered with caramel and finished off with white sesame seeds each. The sweet was joined by two rich kinds of frozen yogurts kept in various dishes close by her plate. Sara stated, “caramelized banana” and added a sticker that read, “Food unconsciousness.” Indeed, this was an incredible method for satisfying your sweet tooth, Sara.

Sara Ali Khan’s next food scrap showed a lip-smacking pizza and it clearly, looked compelling. Sara added a sticker that read, “The pizza life picked me,” and we can’t concur more.

There’s no lack of food posts on Sara Ali Khan’s web-based entertainment account. Sara frequently shares her extravagances internet making her Instafam slobber. Recently, she was confounded about how to relish milk since there are numerous ways. She shared an image of herself on Instagram Stories savoring a container of milk.

She expressed, “Full fat,” with a milk sticker. Close by, Sara additionally inquired as to whether she ought to have banana milk or oats. Learn about it here.

Except if you are hiding in a cave somewhere, you will realize that our Bollywood superstars are having a little get-together in London. Furthermore, when we say Bollywood, Karan Johar must be a piece of that rundown. Furthermore, remembering the foodie viewpoint, Sara Ali Khan and Karan Johar chose to go visit an eatery.

The couple chose to eat together and they booked a table at a café. In any case, when they visited the café, they figured out that their booking was dropped and presently, they need to track down a better place to eat. Thus, they decided to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) all things considered. She stated, “When Karan Johar and me were left reservation less and hungry so had some KFC.”

We are eager to see what Sara Ali Khan eats up straightaway.

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