Torai Can Be Tasty Too; Try This Yummy Bharwan Torai Recipe (Watch Video)

Bharwan torai is really simple to make and the outcome is amazing. Thus, feel free to astonish your family with this new creation.

It’s extremely difficult to get kids and numerous obstinate elderly folks to get to eat torai (edge gourd). Given the different medical advantages this green vegetable gives, disregarding it is likewise troublesome. We tracked down an extraordinary method for making a tasty dish out of torai that will leave your family licking their fingers and polish off each piece of it from the plate. Make bharwan (stuffed) torai and witness the sorcery. Bharwan torai is really simple to make and the outcome is amazing. Thus, feel free to get the torai out of your storage space, and shock your family with this new creation.

The recipe for this delectable torai dish was shared on YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Parul’ and we should concede that it was a decent find. Need to know how to make it? Continue to peruse.

Bharwan Torai Recipe I How To Make Stuffed Tori At Home:Peel the torai, cut off its end and cut into long pieces. Then cut the parts of account for the filling. Presently make the masala for the stuffing. Consolidate dhaniya powder, haldi, saunf, jeera, red bean stew powder, garam masala, hing, garlic, ginger, amchoor powder and salt to taste. Likewise add some water so that the masalas join well. Stuff this masala in the torai.

Presently heat oil in skillet, saute onions till brown, add green chillies, haldi, Kashmiri red stew powder, and the stuffed torai. Blend well. Likewise add some salt. Pour a few water, cover the dish and cool till torai mellow. This might take anything somewhere in the range of 10 and 15 minutes. Continue to mix so that the sabzi doesn’t adhere to the skillet. At last, embellish with coriander leaves and present with roti or paratha or naan.

You can watch the total recipe video of Bharwan Torai here:

Make this very delicious torai sabzi and perceive how you and your family begin loving this solid vegetable. Tell us how it ended up.

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